Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As the song goes, "I had a bad day...."

Yesterday I cleaned up my disaster area around the couch. Let me say it's 90% done!!! Huge challenge accomplished! Hubby was so proud of me. BUT I haven't slept since Monday night, had to go get an Imitrex shot today cause my migraine wouldn't stop. (Never had one of those shots or pills) I was throwing up all night and just felt like dirt. So, I actually made it by my self to the doc appointment I already had, my cardiologist recommended a blood pressure med to get my resting pulse under control. So, add that med to the list of the growing monster of them. 174 pulse resting is not good btw. lol. So, now I have Imitrex pills,  blood pressure pills and the other about 14 other meds. Doc says blood pressure meds are not good for those with bipolar, like me, cause it can cause even more depression. UGH!!! Let's see what blows up this time!!! ha ha.

On a different note, I have a couple of friends going through some rough times, would just like them to know they are loved. :) as are the rest of all you that are actually reading this. Take care all!!