Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fibromyalgia Network

If you haven't subscribed to these guys (FM Network, I HIGHLY recommend it. They send out awesome newsletter's in the mail every other month. They do survey's from members and post results in there. Also every month there is an E-Newsletter that is as good or better than the print version. I've been with them for 6 years now. They also have an 800 # if you need ANYTHING you can call them. From references to good doctors, to just a shoulder to cry on. (BENEFITS: have 6 years worth of these newsletters collected and the articles 98% pertain to me. Which is hard to find. Here I'm going to give you some links and info about the company and what the website has to offer since the website is rather confusing.

Main Site:
Here you can sign up for free articles too and has a basic intro of what the newsletters are about.

Facebook Page: This may make more sense to us now days. Check it out! :D

Site Map: This helps clear up the confusion of the website and give you an idea what they are all about as well.

The Store: Finally, here's where you become a member, get your stuff and benefits. Just click "Click here to Join" Also they are always giving away some free stuff with membership too. So watch for those. 

Here's what I got free with mine, it costs $5 on the site now. This list is a little outdated now, but still an awesome reference!! If you'd like this emailed to you let me know by email. Email me here

FYI: Data did not fit on main page. If you go across the tabs at the top and look for "Resources/Downloads" and click that, go all the way to the bottom of the page and the Top 25 Fibromyalgia Medications and an E-Newsletter are posted there. If you want anything else for a preview before purchasing a membership, let me know with this email. Email me here


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