Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Irish Artist Guest Blogs

I am a 29 old Irish lady that suffers from Fibromalgia,arthritis and skin problems.In 2003 I went London and trained a a nurse and a dental nurse....But it all changed about 3 years ago.My life seem to fall apart.I started having paian everywhere couldnt sleep then would sleep for days on end.I was going my GP and was been fogged off until one day when I went see my gp there was a new one and she was brillant and I thanks my lucky stars I meet her she told me she thought I had this thing called fibromyalgia and sent to a remotologist who diagnosed me....so I had name to how I was feeling I was overjoyed BUT that was short lived.We moved home to Ireland and the GP there was horrible unsuppotive and said I should just get on with it.......I never ever will forget how she with held my tablets and treated me like I was just LAZY........So after near amonth in bed I went to an out hours gp and she got me a name of another rhemotologist..so went see him told me the same as last rhemo you have FIBROMYALGIA....so he wrote me up for load tablets.He is lovely Ia m still with him..Iended up changing GP and got the support I really needed.So now I learned to Laugh and I paint at night so here are some things I have wrote hope u enjoy !!

This is something that has been on my mind the last few days its like a flu where i live at the moment depression which is leading to suicide.I really feel depression can be very closely linked to what we all suffer from.Lets be honest our lifes change so much from the clothes wear, to the friend and family who will stick by us.I really feel this page helps us speak as honest as we can about our feelings.Things can get on top us ,no sleep,medication not working always be in pain,I know all about it last June I went on a all time low not monitoring my medication I was taking to pulling myself back from people.It all got too much and I never asked for help and lets say it went too far.It was when my partner stood infront me crying asking me why I didnt ask for help it was then I knew I had t...o help myself.And brick by brick I have rebuild some bit of a normal life.I tell people honestly how I feel,I try not tospend all day in bed even if its just getting up to talk to someone. I m very lucky I have a partner who does his best to help and suppot me BUT there are people who dont understand Ia m pretty sure there is some people on this page feel let down by friends family etc...This is were this page helps......I cant say it enough TALK,TALK,TALK.....there is always someone here that will listen and try and help and I like to think theres a lot laughing done here ........xx Take care and Talk

Right I m back :P I am here in the cottage waiting for the three little piggies to land it beside me....Weather deadlya nd very cold, by the way I have learned to irish dance ........ ....yes I can do an oul jig...I didnt even know .....it was hugh that was telling me at night my legs have taking a mind of there own they do be dancing around the bed the poor dogs are been kicked off the bed....have to laugh hugh said me all he could feel was my legs rubbing him up and down...I say he was thinking he was getting lucky....so he cuddled up beside me and next thing......he gets my knee in to the groin ....................and on that note restless legs are a passion killer !!

Love Mags x