Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fibromyalgia Video from Discovery Health Channel

 Very good program!


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  1. I watched all the video's today I was told I'm probably suffering with fibromyalgia and that there isn't any treatment availble as my doctor said. He said some doctors are great on handing out oxycodone but don't look for it from him he won't do it. I asked him about my loose hip and if I remember right him telling me it was defective. Today that all changed he said there was really no reason he could see for the hip even being replaced. It had locked up I couldn't even walk. Excersise for a person who was used to all kind of activity is about as painful as it can get, anxiety I feel like it's become full blown, I've been going through a string of sever migraines again, and my lower back is about killing me with pain. I go tomorrow for a steroid shot in the low back, I'm so frustrated I could scream!! I'm not sleeping and walk around sometimes like a zombie, now more medication a sleep agent for bed time with side effects that scare the shit out of me. I'm so frustrated I don't know who to turn to anymore!! I can't work I can't get around very easy, it's definately not easy getting in and out of the car but I do it it cause damn it I need to get out every once in awhile. It's not worth it sometimes cause now I find myself getting extremely nervous going out. I'm spinning the doctors are worth shit I think sometimes. God sometimes you feel all alone, but you know damn well so many are suffering just the same. I feel crazy why in the hell is this happening? Why isn't anyone taking me seriously? Make this damn cookoo clock chiming it rings in my ears. my husband thinks I'm trying to be funny, I'm not it hurts I'm gonna fling it I swear! Ugh!!!!! I hate complaining so I try to muttle along. I'm sorry this is so long.....I HATE THE PAIN MAKE IT GO AWAY!!! Julie


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