Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fibromyalgia cross symptoms with other diagnosis's

Fibromyalgia cross symptoms with other diagnosis's
Note, not all these fibromyalgia symptoms will apply to all patients. Common signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia include: NOTE: this is not a complete list.

Widespread Pain Morning
Stiffness Fatigue
Vision Problems 
Sleep Disorders
Urinary and Pelvic Problems
Weight Gain
Chronic Headaches
Cold Symptoms
Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome

Multiple ChemicalSensitivity Syndromes
"Fibrofog": Cognitiveor Memory Impairment
Skin Complaints
Chest Symptoms
n Dysmenorrhea Aggravating Factors
Myofascial PainSyndrome
Muscle Twitchesand Weakness
Memory Loss:Is it Real?
Weather Changes
The Menstrual Cycle
Troubles Breathing?