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Life in the Fibro Lane: Preparing for the Holidays Year-Around

Life in the Fibro Lane: Preparing for the Holidays Year-Around

by Fibromyalgia Network on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 11:01am
Specially made gifts (even if it is just the card that is attached to the gift) often provoke kind or loving feelings. It signals that a person went out of their way to make something just for you. Even if the gift didn't cost much, it's always the thought that counts.

Before you know it, November is here and are you prepared? Many patients suggested a great way to get ready for the holidays: make a list of the people who you wish to give presents to and then as a year-around hobby, start making them gifts.

"Bargains from flea markets and garage sales are what I dress up to make presents. Sales items help my pocketbook; already worn thin from the cost of medications. A touch of lace, a bit of ribbon, some fancy buttons and ideas from women's magazines can create unique 'made myself' gifts."

Use the arts, crafts and hobbies that you have learned to make gift-giving special. Then when the season rolls around, you will be able to enjoy it instead of wearing yourself out at the shopping malls.

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