Sunday, May 1, 2011

Highly recommended if you have a lot of medications. It keeps track of your meds. Shows interactions, date you began med, health conditions, risk ratings and more. Here's there about us section:

MediGuard: Safer medicine, healthier you.

MediGuard was created by professionals with decades of experience in healthcare market research, clinical drug development, and drug safety. Initially funded by Quintiles Transnational, the world’s leading provider of clinical research services, the primary purpose of MediGuard is to promote better communication and research about drug safety. Specifically, the goal was to create a community of patients profiled by medication and condition that are both accessible and motivated to participate in research.
We believe that the patient can play an important role in improving drug safety. Today, public and private organizations spend millions of dollars on drug safety research and risk management programs-often with disappointing results. At MediGuard, we feel strongly that connecting patients and researchers will allow us to conduct better, faster and more cost-effective research. Our end goal is to publish data that ultimately improves patient satisfaction, safety, and health.