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My spotlight interview for My Chroinc Life

Amanda Lakso - Chronic Pain and Ramblings Blogger

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Amanda Lakso writes a blog, Chronic Pain and Ramblings to educate and support people with chronic illnesses especially Fibromyalgia.  She is 31, married and has an adult step-son.I met Amanda on Facebook, where she is very active. We chatted a few times and I asked if I could feature her as one of my Spotlight Interviews. Thankfully she agreed.
Amanda has Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Agoraphobia , Tachycardia and is Bipolar.  She’s been living with  pain and mental disorders since her early teens, but her actual diagnoses came later.
Amanda has severe widespread pain. She describes it well:
It feels like my muscles are all cramped up all the time and hurts to the slightest touch. The Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome I can only describe like this: Think of the skin on a chicken breast, it’s slimy and moves around really well. Now think of say your arm for example is made up of layers. First your skin, then the “chicken skin”, muscle then more “chicken skin”, then bone. My “chicken skin” has turned to concrete while most people’s move freely like the skin of a chicken breast.
After giving up a job that she loved 3 years ago, she has been trying to be approved for Social Security Disability unsuccessfully.  She is on prescriptions that cause her to twitch, which she finds embarrassing. Because of that and that the fear of leaving her home (Agoraphobia) as well as a fear of crowds, Amanda is almost always at home.
She has difficulty concentrating and has tried ADD medications without relief.  Because of this, Amanda has given up one of her favorite hobbies, reading, which is difficult for her. She was also a crafter, but now crochets or knits once in a while.  She does try to volunteer at her local fire department where her husband is the assistant chief, with reports. She also tries to volunteer at the library when she’s able. This gives her a feeling of paying it forward and giving back to her community.
Her family supports and understands her medical issues, but her is husband is her main support. “He has been wonderful about doing everything around the house. What a man!” She uses her blog to vent about the things that bother her and that helps her a great deal.
One book Amanda recommend is “Fibromyalgia for Dummies”.  She has a free copy for download,  or you can get it at your local library or an online bookstore.  Shes also like “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fibromyalgia”. There are so many books that she enjoys that she’s considering adding a blog page just for books.
Amanda recommends Fibro360 Forum, My Fibro, The Invisible Disabilities Advocate and The American Academy of Pain Management among others. You can find all of the websites she recommends by visiting the Links on the sidebar of her blog.
Contact Amanda and find out about her other blogs as well as where to follow her on Facebook.
Amanda inspires me as she has a positive attitude, but isn’t afraid to share when she’s feeling down. She reaches out to others who are in pain or have health conditions like hers.
This is an ongoing effort to spotlight people with chronic illness, health issues and disabilities who are making a contribution in some way despite their pain, sickness, etc.